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Plastic Injection Mold Service

As the top plastic mould company in China, we pride ourselves on our rich expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional products to our clients around the world. With years of experience, we employ cutting-edge techniques and a strict quality assurance process to produce high-precision plastic molds that meet and exceed your expectations.

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Production Flow

1Get Your Project Drawing

2Check & Assess Drawing

3Communicate Details & Confirm

4Prepare Material for Production

5Mould Base Processing

6Mold Core Processing

7Electrodes Machining

8Mold Parts Processing



11Mold Test

12Mold Production

Why Choose Us

With years of development and a professional and experienced engineering team, we can satisfy all kinds of custom plastic mold manufacturing requests and know all kinds of industry plastic mold technological difficulties and solutions very well.

For example, if electric fan blades are warped or out of shape, the reason is the nonuniform contract of plastic. The causes of this problem are plastic mould gate location and quantity. We can change the gate location and increase the quantity to solve it. Meanwhile, we can lower the material temperature, increase the cooling time, slow down the inject speed, decrease inject press and so on to try in turn to solve it. Our team’s deep knowledge, hands-on experience and advanced equipment make us be your reliable partner for intricate and demanding plastic mould projects.

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