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With the development of the automobile, the demand for automotive injection mould is increasing. According to the report data, one car needs automotive injection mold for almost 500. It be used to manufacture automotive lighting, bumpers, automobile dashboard bodies and so on.

For years of development and cooperation with automakers, we understood that this industry demands of precision and efficiency. High-performance mold plays an important role in the production of car components that contribute to safety, performance, and experience. We specialize in designing and manufacturing complex geometries mold, meeting all kinds of needs, including car body plastic panels, interior components, and etc. We will be and always be your reliable automotive injection mold manufacturer, If you have any needs for automotive mold, please contact us to get the best quotation.

Production Flow

1Get Your Project Drawing

2Check & Assess Drawing

3Communicate Details & Confirm

4Prepare Material for Production

5Mould Base Processing

6Mold Core Processing

7Electrodes Machining

8Mold Parts Processing



11Mold Test

12Mold Production

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