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Since 2010, Zhiyuan Hardware always do the best for mold design and mould making, accumulating experience and developing technology for years, satisfying all kinds of requests from customers all around the world. No matter what industry you are, what mold request you need, our professional team always can make the best solution for you.

Start with your project idea, analyzing and figuring out what material is best, what technology we need to use and so on, to manufacture the best custom-made mould for your project. With over 50 enginers and advanced mould production equipment(invest in advanced production equipment every year), we will be your best partner for your custom mould project, including plastic mold, multi-cavity mould, automobile mold, medical mold, gear mold and etc.

silicone injection mold manufacture

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Plastic injection mold be used to manufacturing all kinds of plastic products, it plays a important role in modern production field. It be composed of several parts, including die sleeve, movable side, mold core and etc, each part has own characters and functions. In order to design and manufacturing the best plastic molds, we always consider the dimension and shape of finished product, matching up the suitable material and technology.


Plastic has been widely applied due to modern medical technology development, including medicament packages, one-off medical apparatus and so on, it pushes the development of medical mould. Medical equipment has high and special requests for safe, clean surface, corrosion resistance and more. With our professional experience, we can make custom medical injection mould for your application, including syringes, IV components, surgical instruments, pipettes, vials, petri dishes and etc.


Fine ceramics be used in various industries, including but not limited to medical industry, machinery industry, chemical industry. We can make high-precision custom ceramic molds to let you manufacture product by zirconia, aluminium oxide and so on. Offering custom production solutions according to your needs, whether you require it for short-run production or large batch production.


We understand the demanding nature of the automotive industry with many years experience and know unique and strict requirements of each project. We also provide custom automotive mould to meet your needs, ensure you can manufacture the best windscreen wiper, engine cover, radiator cover and so on. From simple design to large-scale and intricate designs components, we have you covered.

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