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Chinese Leading Manufacturer of High-Precision Guide Posts and Guide Rails

Dongguan Zhiyuan Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high-precision guide rails and guide pillars in China. Focus on the R&D and manufacturing of high-precision machining and mold accessories. The main products are anti-creep crossed roller guides, hexagonal needle roller guide pillars and other products. It is suitable for all kinds of automated machinery and equipment, such as medical equipment, packaging equipment, hardware molds, semiconductors, measuring instruments and other fields. The factory covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, with a team of more than 10 professional engineers, with more than 10 years of production and R&D experience.

Main business scope:
The products include VR crossed roller guide, VRAW anti-creep crossed roller guide, hexagonal needle roller guide post, guide bushing, bushing, anti-slip cover, cover plate;
It can process medical molds, stamping molds, automotive mold parts, electric and pneumatic tool parts, precision mechanical parts, and core mechanical parts of automated production lines to help the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.

Focus on guide rails and guide posts for more than 10 years

Advanced Manufacturing & Processing & Testing Equipment

Lots of Experienced Engineers, Professional and Qualified

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The company introduces high-precision machining equipment to ensure machining accuracy and efficiency.

Including: Swiss HAUSER Haoze CNC coordinate grinder, American MOORE Moore CNC coordinate grinder, Japan Waida coordinate grinder, Swiss Charmilles GF, Japan Sodick mirror spark machine, laser engraving, precision high-speed CNC milling machining center, Taiwan Changhan automatic grinder, Gangben automatic grinder, high-precision surface grinder, large water grinder, precision follow-up CNC grinder, CNC precision lathe, etc.

Main testing instruments: Sweden Hexagon precision three-dimensional, Japan Nikon projector, Wanhao high-definition image microscope,
Swiss altimeter, hardness tester, micrometer, etc.

Main testing instruments: Swiss Hexagon precision three-dimensional, Japanese Nikon projector, Swiss altimeter, hardness tester, micrometer, etc.

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Machinery Industry

Molds play an important role in the machinery industry, making components production more efficient.

Medical Industry

The manufacturing of all kinds of medical devices, components, and consumables relies on the precision, customizability of mold.

Automation Industry

Moulds enable the production of complex components of automation industy and get high precision and mass production.

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To meet the rising demands in molud and machine parts products, our factory has dedicated workshops that handle various stages of production, guaranteeing fast and efficient manufacturing. Backing our workshops is the latest production equipment for efficient manufacturing and testing, ensuring that every product is up to par with our customer’s needs.

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As a top mold and machine parts factory in China, we can customized molds and machine fittings according to your specific customer requirements, whether it’s complex shape or performance. From design, manufacturing, processing to testing, we always use our extensive experience to make the best product for you.

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