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Machine Parts

After years of development and advanced machine investment, we are one of the top machinery parts manufacturers in China.

Maybe you are troubled with the specialized machine parts or unique machine fittings project. Don’t worry, we provide custom machined parts services. With our professional experience and production line, we can satisfy all kinds of machine components needs, no matter what sizes, shapes, or technology requests.

We offer custom machined parts services for years, satisfying all the various trades and occupations the customers’ different requests. Such as construction machinery, construction machinery, food processing machinery, material handling machinery and so on.

custom machined parts

High speed, high precision and high efficiency are the characteristics of automation equipment. That means its fittings must be high precision, high stability. With years of experience in automation equipment, our production is based on your needs or design, considering the material, processing technology and etc, make the best performance and high-precision automation machinery parts for your custom project.

As a professional mold supplier, we also offer mold parts, including ejector pin, punch-pin, guide rod, ejector sleeve and more.

custom plastic mold parts

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