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About Cross Roller Guide

The cross roller guide rail consists of two guide rails with V-shaped raceway, cylindrical rollers of roller holder and the like, the cylindrical rollers which are arranged in cross direction can reciprocate on the surface of the precisely ground V-shaped raceway and can bear loads in all directions, realizes high-precision and smooth linear motion. Used in solid crystal machine, dispensing equipment, automation equipment and other products.

Press the parts tightly with the pressure plate so that the side of the parts is tightly attached to the installation datum plane. Using the torque wrench specified in the table, tighten the mounting screws of the parts one by one, starting from the middle and in a crosswise sequence at both ends. has the characteristics of small rolling friction and good stability.

Product characteristics

Product application

a die bonding machine, a dispensing device, an automation device, an OA machine and peripheral machines, a tester, a printed substrate opening machine, a precision machine, an optical tester, an optical workbench, a control mechanism, a slide part of an x-shot device, and the like, a sample-adding motion system for inspection equipment. CT table, X-ray machines and other medical equipment.

Advantages of Crossed Roller Guide Over Ordinary Guides

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